MEX Traffic

MEX Ronda

MEX Ronda is a 24-hours patrol team dedicated to assisting users during emergencies. To guarantee the safety and comfort of our users, we offer a complimentary, 24/7 patrol service, always prepared to promptly respond and provide assistance whenever necessary. MEX Ronda service can be reached through MEX Helpline – 03 8135 9111.

MEX Ronda team is responsible for:
Reporting traffic condition and observing the condition of highway facilities during routine patrolling.

  1. Attending and reporting incidents along the expressway.
  2. Assisting local authorities on-site during any incidents and emergency events.
  3. Inspecting work permit for all work activities carried out within MEX Right-of-Way.

Currently headquartered at Seri Kembangan Toll Plaza, the MEX Ronda team is ready to provide immediate assistance. In case of trouble and the need for immediate assistance, stay calm, park at the safest location and off the highway route, and call MEX Helpline. Support will be on its way!

Traffic Management Team

Traffic Management Team, or easily recognized as TMT, is a team responsible for implementing all traffic management schemes and lane closures for all type of works within MEX Right – of – Way. The team assists MEX Ronda in managing traffic during incidents and towing vehicle breakdowns to the nearest and safest location off the highway. This is done to ensure that the mainline is cleared from any obstructions that will restrict traffic flow. By working alongside MEX Ronda, their role is to ensure smooth traffic flow on the expressway and protect the safety of users travelling at MEX.

MEX First Aider

MEX First Aider, also known as MEX Medic, is a first aid paramedic team formed on 1st March 2015. As part of MEX’s dedication to providing safe and secure expressway service to our users, we became the first expressway in Malaysia to establish its own medical assistance team responsible for providing medical assistance involving minor injuries and victims in accidents.

Each MEX Medic is certified in first aid training with prominent skills and extensive experience to attend injuries and assist in medical emergency procedures.

Part of MEX Medic duties include:

  1. Conducting first aid assistance during accidents along MEX Right-Of-Way (ROW).
  2. Assisting local authorities on-site during accidents and emergency events.

MEX Medic’s responsibilities include monitoring vital signs of the injured victims, attending to injuries, lacerations, burns and scalds, as well as aiding in prominent medical emergencies such as asthma, heart attacks, loss of consciousness and performing Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). MEX Medic is a free-of-charge and round-the-clock highway service, patrolling together with MEX Provost (MEX Ronda motorcycle team).

Hence, if you have medical emergencies while on our highway and need the assistance of MEX Medic team, please reach out MEX Helpline – 03 8315 9111.