Maju Expressway provides a link between Middle Ring Road I (MRR1) to Middle Ring Road II (MRR2), thus relieving traffic congestion along these routes. The Expressway also provides free flow connection with other highways such as Besraya Highway, KL – Seremban Expressway, New Pantai Expressway and Kesas Highway.


Maju Expressway stimulates further property development in the region and accommodates ever increasing economic activities. Enchances property values along its routes.


  • It strategically links KL and Putrajaya to KLIA
  • It is the shortest direct link to and from KL, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya and KLIA
  • It allows road users to reach their destinations safer, easier and faster
  • It allows motorist a short 20 minutes drive to Putrajaya & Cyberjaya and 30 minutes drive to KLIA


  • The 120 meter steel box girder was fabricated and launched onto the crosshead at Ramp 1 at Kg. Pandan Roundabout to facilitate the mitigation of heavy traffic and to overcome the restricted space at the construction site.
  • A 10 meters high bridge crossing at the Bukit Jalil Interchange over the Kesas Highway.
  • The Expressway has nearly 10km elevated viaducts, over highly congested urban areas.
  • Concrete parapets with an extended height of 2 meters in certain populated areas to prevent vehicles from any precarious mishaps.
  • Sound barriers in the residential areas to contain vehicles noise within the Expressway proper.