MEX II Alignment – 18KM


The Lebuhraya Putrajaya – KLIA (MEX II) is an 18 KM, three-lane dual carriageway that will commence at Putrajaya Interchange and merge onto the existing Lebuhraya KLIA (FT26) in Sepang.
Putrajaya Interchange with a trumpet configuration will be designed for connectivity to the existing Putrajaya Toll Plaza.

The Expressway comprises the following:

  • Mainline connecting Lebuhraya Maju Expressway (E20) to Lebuhraya KLIA (FT26)
  • Putrajaya Interchange to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya
  • Entry and exit ramps from Lebuhraya KLIA (FT26) to and from the Expressway
  • One mainline toll plaza, two ramp toll plazas and Supervision Building.


Summary of Project:

Traffic Control & Surveillance Systems
Emergency TelephoneEvery 2km (both sides)
Close Circuit TV (CCTV)Where Necessary
Variable Message System (VMS)Min 2 units
Vehicular Box CulvertNo.2
Mainline Toll PlazaNo.1
Supervision BuildingNo.1


Benefits of MEX II:

  • Providing shortest route to the national administration region of Putrajaya and the city centre of Kuala Lumpur.
  • Contributing the growth of housing and business development in the surrounding areas.
  • Direct connection to KLIA and KLIA2
  • MEX 2 as an alternative to users from Putrajaya to KLIA and vice versa. Users can choose other alternatives such as Federal Route FT 29 (toll free), ELITE and PLUS.